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About me

Anita's Story

Hi, my name is Anita and I'm here to stand by you every step of the way, to make the changes necessary to get your body looking and feeling the best it can be.


I am originally from New Zealand, was very active and fit at a younger age and then fell into a long path of self-destruction from my early twenties when my mum passed away at the young age of 39 yrs.



I started on my fitness journey in Canada after waking up one morning and NOT even recognising the person I saw in the mirror 40kg over my healthy weight. I had steadily let myself go, allowing life's ups and downs to spiral me into a whole slew of unhealthy habits. Bottom line is that I let too many 'down times' get the best of me, started to loose my confidence and ambition and started using food as my new best friend.

I had started wearing stretchy clothes so I didn't even notice my increasing waistline. I starting feeling my knees, lower back, had chronic IBS, psoriasis and felt my rolls collecting when I sat.`

Time for Action – where do I start:

It's not as if I didn't know how to be healthy, I was very sporty as a child and was very mindful of being active and nourishing my body with good food and hydration. Having said that, I ALWAYS LOVED FOOD, TONS OF IT!

We are all human and sometimes you just get lost, the most important thing is to find your way again and get back on track, your choice!

The last time I felt healthy was when I was playing sport, going to the gym and making my food from scratch, not from a box.

Alright, first things first, I had to find a gym. The most daunting, scary thought, I didn't feel I was in shape to go to the gym, crazy but that's how I felt, just another one of my excuses that I was soon to squash.

Begin the Action Plan:

I found a gym, was booked to meet with a trainer and that was the beginning of how UGF was created.

My consult was upsetting, to say the least, sterile and impersonal. I really wanted to make a change so I was very honest with my answers, there was a reason why I was there and I just needed help. I felt very judged and was scolded with some of my responses regarding food & drink choices and consumption levels. Wasn't that what I was there for?

I cried all the way home, and went straight to the fridge, why do I have to be treated like this when I made this huge decision and commitment to change my health for the better.

I will not be defeated:

Alright, next day, gym gear on, in the car, off to the gym. My first Spin class experience, half way through the warm up, I rushed to the bathroom and threw up. I didn't know I was supposed to pace myself.

Alrighty, let's try yoga, yep now we're talking, more my cup of tea. I kept going, starting to try different programs as I got stronger 4-5 times a week, I was determined. I studied and started to make better choices with my food, making baby steps as I knew cold turkey was not going to work for me. I started feeling better, I started to feel the fog lifting and getting excited about life again.

One day, one of the senior instructors approached me, she asked if I was interested in becoming a fitness instructor, I sheepishly laughed "are you kidding me” I said. She was serious and looked me in the eye and sincerely asked me why I didn't think that was possible!!!!

Turning Point:

I continued being consistent with my workouts and bettering my food choices I couldn't get it out of my head. Someone believed in me, a stranger, so why don't I start believing in myself. I would love to be a fitness instructor, I can be a fitness instructor, WHY, because I want to help people and make the journey easier, more nurturing, provide that support when someone wants to give up and be their rock, someone that won't give up on that person when they want to give up on themselves.

The beginning:

Believe it or not, my first certification was as a Spin Instructor, my butt had never been so sore, seriously UNBELIEVABLE! I was still on my personal journey of fitness, still holding on to a considerable amount of extra weight and a smoker!

This pushed me to the next level, lets get serious, better choices, more effort to improve my fitness. Now, I was in a position where I truly had to step up to the mark and lead by example, no more excuses or hiding.

I continued pursuing and obtaining various certifications but really wanted to reach people on a more one on one basis, hence becoming a Personal Trainer.

I had gained valuable experience at a large gym company for several years, and that I am grateful for. From my personal experience and working in the industry, there were a lot of missing links.

Ultimate Goal Fitness was born:

I believed through my personal journey and struggles along the way to better health I could offer more than what was out there. An environment where people could walk into where they felt comfortable, an environment where the trainers were real, mindful of everyone's various fitness levels, motivational, warm and able to connect and provide an amazing experience that is not only goal driven but really fun.

Let's be real, fitness is a necessity in life, not only for physical wellness but mental and spiritual wellness too!